Month: December 2018

Painting of the Month December

IMG_20181226_0001A long lost portrait of Ken circa 1974

If you read the New York Times Style Section, you may see a familiar face or two peering out from its pages. Ken and I are featured in an article by Alix Strauss (It’s No Secret). Take a look see!

Last May Ken and I celebrated the beginning of our 45 years together. Today we are older, creakier and decidedly more opinionated, but we are also against long odds still together.

What does an 18-year old know about enduring nature of love or of the trust it entails? How does a teenager build a relationship that lasts a lifetime? I can’t even begin to analyze all the factors that go into our relationship, but I do know one thing – our love for each other is as strong as our love for the art and music that bond us together.

Photo by Courtney Frisse