Month: September 2018

September Painting of the Month

over the fence 2018Over the Fence 36”x50” oil on linen 2018

On Saturday October 6 at the RISD Museum of Art, my husband Ken Carpenter (composer, musician and designer) and I will give a talk on the crosscurrents of music and the visual arts in our lives and work.

Prepping for the talk is a daunting prospect. Ken is an experienced teacher, lecturer and performer. I am not. We work very differently. He is methodical and works linearly, research and straight lines all the way. I draw the largest circle possible, constantly going down rabbit holes exploring odd options that will probably never see the light of day.

We manage not to kill each other because we understand there are hundreds, if not thousands, of solutions to the same problem and we are willing to put the time in to find a solution that works for us both. That little nugget of wisdom took us 45-plus years to achieve. Come see what else we’ve come up with!

Work in Process: Counterpoint Saturday October 6 from 2 to 4 pm at the RISD Museum of Art


Ken and I many many years ago (circa 1975) at RISD.  The photograph was taken by our good friend Courtney Frisse.