Month: July 2018

Painting of the Month

martiesian_crossed_branches_2012 copyCrossed Branches 36”x50” 2013

Despite last evening’s shower, it’s been an intensely bright and virtually rain-free summer. The earth is parched and everyday I drag a chrome yellow garden hose around the yard watering everything in sight.

The hose is narrow, easily maneuverable and the shapes it makes on the ground have started to invade my thoughts. I love the hose’s curves and swirls even as I curse the need to use it. I’ve taken out the camera to capture some of the shapes it makes and I’d like to think it one day soon it will be the basis for an intriguing painting.

And I’ve tried, in my mind, to combine it with an image that has stayed with me posted on Instagram by JWSmith141 of tree wallpaper at the Bloomsbury Hotel. So far, my efforts have not yielded anything but a vague idea of where I want to go, but I persevere.

Recently someone asked me where my inspiration comes from. He might be surprised to know it often comes from something as simple as a yellow garden hose or an Instagram post.