Month: March 2018

Painting of the Month

Martiesian_the true nature of gold copy

The True Nature of Gold


 The golden slant of autumn light transforms the scene outside my kitchen window. I stare at it for days when it’s my turn to wash the dishes and soon it becomes a drawing, then a painting. I’m thankful for the prime view my current sink affords me. For years, dishwashing was an unpleasant chore, not the inspiration-filled meditation I now enjoy.

Our first kitchen was a converted closet with a stove, a sink and a slit masquerading as a window. The sink faced the wall, and my husband or I (we couldn’t fit in the room together) did the dishes while looking at a soap-stained square the size of a folded newspaper.

Three other kitchens followed; all of them with the disappointing sink/wall combo. It wasn’t until we renovated the kitchen in our home that I was finally able to have a large window above the sink overlooking our yard.

Now when I wash dishes, my mind wanders through the trees and follows the flight patterns of the birds. I bear witness to the ever-changing view and am thankful for the inspiration it provides.