Painting of the Month

PM_Promise_Of_Spring__0006 copy

Promise of Spring

This is one of my favorite older paintings, Promise of Spring (36”x50”), completed a few years back when winter was melting away and spring within arms’ reach.

Most of my paintings focus on the wilds of nature within the urban environment. Vines grow unchecked, trees are never pruned, weeds celebrated. Uncharacteristically this painting features something manmade – a wire plant support.

The hydrangeas are bedraggled and winter worn, the rocks surrounding a plant bed look more like a necklace than stone, but it’s the tomato cage that people notice most. Why they are in my yard is anyone’s guess as I don’t have enough sun to grow a tomato, but they still dot the landscape and even make it into a painting every once in a while.

DSCF0027m4 copy

Here’s an even older painting from the 1980s when I was still working figuratively. It features the great opera singer Leontyne Price. I love almost all kinds of music and on occasion, opera fills my studio. Ms. Price recently turned 91. She possessed an amazing talent and has lived a life worthy of her wonderful name. Diva measures 20”x30.”


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