Painting of the Month

PM_understory copy

 There are times when you just have to take a break. Constant pushing can be counter-productive. Around the holidays, I allow myself some time off. I still go in my studio and I still paint, but there are no extended sessions – the shortened days won’t allow it. Truth be told, half the time I have a book or a crossword puzzle in hand to distract me.

Several years ago at a family gathering, my cousins and I (mostly female) watched the next generation at play (mostly male). Several of the young boys were trying to push toy trucks through a wall, an impossible, but clearly fascinating endeavor. I laughed and pointed out the futility in their undertaking, but sometimes that’s exactly what I feel I am doing in my studio – trying to push a solid object through an impenetrable wall.

I started the above painting Understory (36”x60”) this past summer after my exhibit at ArtProv. Several people suggested I should include smaller paintings in my repertoire. Predictably I stretched this much larger canvas and started painting!


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