Month: May 2017

Painting of the Month


Seedpods by Paula Martiesian

I knew exactly what I wanted to paint – several large clusters of leathery seedpods dangling from a honey locust tree I saw on one of my walks through the city. I couldn’t get the image out of my head, so the next time my dog and I went out for a walk, I brought a camera along hoping to take a few good shots.

I wandered around for two weeks looking for that tree. I had such a clear concept of what it looked like, but no real idea of where it lived. I had lost my tree! Finally a few blocks from India Point Park, I found it on East Street next to a fenced in parking lot.

On May 24th, a U-Haul came to pick up Seedpods and 15 more of my paintings. I trailed behind in the car to make sure they reached their destination safely and hovered about for a while until one of the gallery owners (Michele Aucoin) kindly shooed me away. Then I’ll returned to my empty studio to wait for the show to open and roam around the city looking for a new tree to paint.