Month: January 2017

Painting of the Month

Summer Shadows by Paula Martiesian


I know you’re not supposed to have favorites. I care for all of my paintings almost as if they were children, but I do, have a favorite, that is.

I wander through my house looking out into the yard several times a day and the views never disappoint. I don’t live on a cliff overlooking the ocean or in an aerie high in the mountains. I live in the city where asphalt reigns, but my garden doesn’t know that. It is a wild oasis, and often something catches my eye and just like that, I see a painting, wholly conceptualized in an instant.

That’s the way it was with Summer Shadows. A trick of light, a dense summer green and my favorite sideways branch combined in just the right way. The painting took a lot longer to actually paint (four to five months is average for me), but in the end, it felt just like what I experienced that summer’s day.

This painting has another, odd kind of front story. Three times I’ve loaded it in the car for an exhibit, but only once has it made it onto the wall. Twice, curators have told me it didn’t work well with other artworks in each respective exhibit – the strong colors overpowering the room. My rebel painting, my favorite.