Month: December 2016

Painting of the Month December

spinner-dolphin-copySpinner Dolphins by Paula Martiesian


Once upon a time in the 1980s, I made a series of paintings about fearless, confident women in unusual situations. I called the series Urban Eve.   These were surreal paintings, combining real life places with imagined women, quite different from what I do today.

The women were portrayed as Eve was in the Bible – naked, without sin and with nothing to fear. There was the woman reading a magazine in a claw foot tub out in the garden. Another lounged on a lawn chair while watching Oil Can Boyd pitch for the Red Sox on TV. In one particular painting, a woman leaned over a ship’s rail reaching out to a pod of dolphins.

I sold some of the paintings and kept the rest down in the painting racks.

A few months ago, a woman I didn’t know contacted me unexpectedly about the dolphin painting. She had seen it years earlier and remembered it fondly. Although events in her life prevented her from purchasing the canvas, it touched me deeply that a stranger had kept the memory of one of my paintings alive for so many years.