Month: July 2016

Painting of the Month Club – July




The Space Between by Paula Martiesian

PM_The_Space_Between 2nd

It was just a fence, a 16-year-old ruin from Home Depot put up to keep my dogs in. Time had remade the once honey-colored stockade into a moth-like rainbow of gray pickets so thin you could almost see through them. But beauty is everywhere, even in rotting spruce. An autumn downpour transformed those uninteresting grays into a lovely pastel fairyland waiting to be painted.


I am a slow worker. Sometimes I paint the same area over and over again hundreds of times just to get the right color in the right place. This painting was no exception. I worked on it for months before I asked photographer Erik Gould to document it for my website. Presumably I was finished, but a few hours after he left, I was repainting an area that still troubled me.


Later I put the painting in the storage racks, unsure if I could make it better and unwilling to give it anymore of my time. There it stayed until one day I took it out along with some other paintings to show a potential client.  After he left I stared at it, debating whether I dared try to make it better. Then I picked out a paint brush and started in.