Month: June 2016

Painting of the Month Club – June


PM_Looking_for Light_03 copy

My garden is an urban oasis, a wilderness where greenery grows as it pleases. Plants regularly migrate to spots of their own choosing, tree limbs tilt horizontally across pathways and weeds are happy neighbors to hot house flowers.

This spring, I lost one of my favorite horizontal tree limbs. This dear evergreen friend had patiently modeled for several of my paintings, but now it was covered with lichen and home to a tribe of carpenter ants.   It didn’t have a single living pine needle on it. I sketched it one last time, stretched a canvas and blocked out the painting. Then I gathered up my resolve, found my bow saws and marched into the garden. Several times I made for it, and each time I turned back. Finally I started a cut on a small branch. Then another and in a few minutes the limb itself lay on the ground.

For years I had coddled this tree limb, propping it up with wooden staves and brushing off the snow in winter. It was a living archway into my fern gardens and a perfect frame to nature that I used over and over again in my paintings. The final painting, still unfinished, depicts the needles with halos of rusty pink, a bittersweet reminder of an old friend. The above painting, Looking for Light, shows my pine friend in better times.

Paula Martiesian

This summer my paintings will be included in three group exhibitions; please come see them in person!

June 17 through July 12

Summer Group Show

Charlestown Gallery

Reception June 25 5:30 to 8 pm


July 5 through August 3

#My Gallery Night!

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Gallery Night Reception July 21 5-9 pm

Special Gallery Night Birthday Celebration Tuesday August 2 from 5 to 7 pm


July 22 through September 4

Contemporary Women Artists

Bristol Art Museum

Opening reception: Friday July 22 6:30 to 8:30 pm


And as always, visit with Cathy Bert at the Bert Gallery  in Providence to see more of my paintings.