Month: October 2015

My Dog is an Extrovert – Paula

It’s been a while since I’ve posted last.  Who knew a puppy could disrupt a household so entirely.

Puppy Kai

Puppy Kai

Kai came into our lives in June.  A 4-month old mixed breed pup from the pound, she has taken over our lives and our schedules.  It’s taken her a few weeks to understand that you do not sleep behind someone with a paint brush in her hand or that you never should grab a paint-covered rag.

But the biggest adjustment has been mine to make.  Kai is an extrovert.  She loves other dogs and people.  Every walk is a social opportunity to meet and greet – no pooping or peeing for her until she returns home.   My long formerly contemplative rambles have turned into social occasions.    Kai loves meeting Lila the Corgi puppy, Rusty the mixed breed Chow and Clover the long-haired dachshund.  One afternoon I found myself kneeling on the sidewalk with her puppy friends Jasmine, Betty, Max and Guinness and their people.  It was a regular autumn doggie party!